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Unleash the potential of your guitar playing by exploring the intricate relationship between technique and expression in this transformative course.

Beginners: Embrace accessible materials that lay a strong foundation while fostering a deeper understanding of musical expression.

Intermediate players: Elevate your playing to an advanced level through a range of technical distinctions and refinements, unlocking new realms of musicality.

Advanced players: Solidify your foundations while immersing yourself in comprehensive study materials designed for ongoing practice and review, enabling you to continually refine your skills.

Experience the captivating world of Brouwer's études, where you can harness the power of expressive technique, aim for increased refinement and gradation, and master the art of creating compelling contrasts and shaping your musical performances.


What will I learn?

  • Unlock the full potential of these essential studies with invaluable interpretive insights.

  • Discover the practice approaches employed by professional concert guitarists to cultivate and sustain exceptional technical facility, coordination, and control.

  • Benefit from key musical and technical insights derived from years of experience, including hundreds of masterclasses and decades of lessons and mentorships with the world's foremost concert guitarists.

Course Samples:

Leo BROUWER Étude No. 2: Mini-Masterclass

00:00    Performance
01:26    Mini-Masterclass

Explore the historical significance of Leo Brouwer's Estudios Sencillos and their invaluable contributions to the classical guitar repertoire.

While the 19th century boasted a rich collection of guitar études, the availability of "modern" didactic literature was scarce until well into the 20th century.

Written in the 1970s, Brouwer's Estudios Sencillos have emerged as an indispensable component of every classical guitarist's education, playing a pivotal role in bridging the guitar into the 20th and 21st centuries.

What makes these études truly valuable is their profound impact on instrumental technique and their compositional sophistication.

Notably, these études stand out due to their meticulous expression markings, a feature often lacking in many 19th-century études, which left performers grappling with interpretative uncertainties.

Brouwer's precise and explicit directions challenge guitarists to cultivate refined and expressive techniques, fostering nuanced interpretations.

Furthermore, Brouwer's use of harmonies and rhythms exhibits a significantly more complex and "modern" language compared to traditional didactic guitar literature, offering a gateway for growth into the guitar's contemporary repertoire.

What's included?

  • 15 Videos

    70 minutes of 4K videos: performances, walkthroughs, explanations, "Mini-Masterclasses"

  • Text Explanations

    Clear explanations, outlines, and additional material for review and ongoing study

  • Scores & TAB NOT included!

    The études are not in the public domain, so I'm not able to provide notation or TAB. Please respect Brouwer and international copyright law by purchasing the scores!

Why practice Brouwer Études 1-5?

Elevate your guitar skills and delve into a multitude of technical and musical aspects through the practice of Brouwer's études.

Conscious focus on the following areas will result in noticeable improvements:

- Mastering thumb strokes: Free and rest strokes for enhanced control and precision.

- Establishing right-hand stability: Develop a solid foundation for consistent and confident playing.

- Harnessing dynamics and accents: Explore the nuances of volume and emphasis for expressive performances.

- Perfecting timbre and string tension: Understand the crucial connection between sound quality and string manipulation.

- Balancing and voicing: Achieve clarity and musicality when playing chords and individual parts.

- Strengthening first position reading: Enhance sight-reading abilities and fluency in the initial fretboard positions.

- Building the foundations of tremolo technique: Lay the groundwork for mastering this intricate skill.

- Navigating syncopations: Learn to read and feel rhythmic syncopations for rhythmic precision.

These topics, along with numerous other interpretive considerations, will be comprehensively addressed in the Mini-Masterclasses videos within each chapter. Take full advantage of this opportunity to refine your playing and broaden your musical horizons.

Complete Curriculum

    1. A word about the scores

    1. Étude I (Movido): Performance

    2. Masterclass 1: Étude I (Movido)

    1. Étude III (Rapido): Performance

    2. Masterclass 3: Étude III (Rapido)

    1. Étude IV (Comodo): Performance

    2. Masterclass 4: Étude IV (Comodo)

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