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This course will help any guitarist gain a deeper understanding of the interplay between technique and expression

Beginners: all material is accessible

Intermediate players: move your playing to the advanced level through many technical distinctions and refinements

Advanced players: strengthen your foundations while enjoying comprehensive study materials for ongoing practice and review

Brouwer's études are an opportunity to harness the power of expressive technique, to aim for increases in refinement & gradation, contrast & shape!


What will I learn?

Interpretive insights that will help you maximize the benefit of these essential studies

Practice approaches used by professional concert guitarists to develop and maintain a high level of technical facility, coordination, and control

Key musical & technical insights gleaned from hundreds of masterclasses and decades of lessons and mentorships with the world's top concert guitarists

Course Samples:

Leo BROUWER Étude No. 2: Mini-Masterclass

00:00    Performance
01:26    Mini-Masterclass

Historical Background

Though the guitar possesses a rich repertoire of études, particularly from the 19th century, there was a scarcity of "modern" didactic literature going well into the 20th century. 

Written in the 1970s, Leo Brouwer's Estudios Sencillos have become an absolutely critical part of every classical guitarist's education. 

It can be said without exaggeration that the études of Villa-Lobos and Brouwer brought the guitar into the 20th and 21st centuries. 

What makes these études valuable?

The universal acclaim that Brouwer's Estudios Sencillos have received is partly due to their compositional sophistication, and also to their efficacy as tools for the acquisition of instrumental technique.

A distinguishing feature of these études is their detailed expression markings. 

Many 19-century études contain very few dynamic and articulation markings, leaving the performing guitarist with questions regarding proper interpretation.

Brouwer provides clear and specific directions that challenge us to develop refined and expressive techniques and nuanced interpretations.

In addition, Brouwer's harmonic and rhythmic language is significantly more complex and "modern" than much of the guitar's didactic literature, presenting opportunities for growth into the guitar's contemporary repertoire. 

What's included?

  • 15 Videos

    70 minutes of 4K videos: performances, walkthroughs, explanations, "Mini-Masterclasses"

  • Text Explanations

    Clear explanations, outlines, and additional material for review and ongoing study

  • Scores & TAB NOT included!

    The études are not in the public domain, so I'm not able to provide notation or TAB. Please respect Brouwer and international copyright law by purchasing the scores!

Why practice Brouwer Études 1-5?

Guitarists have an opportunity to hone a great number of technical and musical skills while practicing Brouwer's études. 

Here are some of the areas, if consciously focused upon, that will see marked improvement:

- thumb strokes: free & rest strokes
- right-hand stability
- dynamics & accents
- timbre & string tension: the connection
- balancing & voicing: chords & parts
- first position reading
- foundations of tremolo
- reading & feeling syncopations

The topics above (and many other interpretive considerations) will be addressed in the Mini-Masterclasses videos in each chapter.

Complete Curriculum

    1. A word about the scores

    1. Étude I (Movido): Performance

    2. Masterclass 1: Étude I (Movido)

    1. Étude III (Rapido): Performance

    2. Masterclass 3: Étude III (Rapido)

    1. Étude IV (Comodo): Performance

    2. Masterclass 4: Étude IV (Comodo)

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