3 Levels of Certification

  • Level 1

    Scale & Interval Patterns, Triads

  • Level 2

    Pentatonics & Hexatonics, 7th Chord Arpeggios

  • Level 3

    7th Chord Inversions, Modes

How certification works:

  • 1. Send Dan an Email

    Let Dan know that you are interested in certification at coslito@gmail.com (Please note that certification assessments must be taken in order.)

  • 2. Receive Your Assessment

    Dan will send an email with requested items for your assessment video.

  • 3. Record & Send Assessment Video

    Record & send a video of the requested items within 72 hours of receiving your assessment email.

  • 4. View Your Results

    Within 72 hours, you'll receive a video response, confirming your certification, or requesting a resubmission. Dan will offer detailed feedback, and an explanation of your results.

Certification Fee

The certification assessment fee is $60 per level.

This fee includes one resubmission if the initial attempt is unsuccessful.

Both your initial submission & resubmission (if needed), will receive detailed video responses from Dan.

Successful applicants will receive a personal certificate of completion.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Ready to be certified?

Contact us to begin the assessment process.