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Brouwer's études offer a chance to master expressive techniques and strive for improved refinement, gradation, contrast, and shaping.

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Welcome to - your destination for intensive theory, technique, and repertoire courses designed exclusively for guitarists!

I'm Dan Cosley, a guitarist, composer, and the founder of WOTG. My mission is to empower guitarists like you to achieve musical fluency and unlock true freedom of expression.

With the vast expanse of the internet, it's easy to get lost in a sea of information. Way of the Guitar stands out by providing a systematic approach to training the essential fundamentals found in all genres.

Our comprehensive video courses create an integrated curriculum that will guide you toward achieving musical fluency. Through hundreds of meticulously organized videos and accompanying PDF scores, you will develop the skills to effortlessly manipulate the universal components of musical language - your hands, ears, and mind will thank you!

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- Dan Cosley, Founder

Instructor & Site Founder

Dan Cosley

Dan Cosley M.M., the creator of, is an acclaimed musician known for his virtuosic performances, eclectic compositions, and innovative arrangements. With a passion for harmony and musicianship on the guitar, Dan has built this website to share his knowledge. Discover his compositions and recordings here.
Dan Cosley

Quotes on Dan

Roland Dyens

“Dan Cosley is a real, gifted musician with genuine skills as a composer. He belongs to a restricted community of guitarists who place music even above the guitar.”

Marc Ribot

“Cosley has all the stuff.”

Ricardo Iznaola

“Exceptional qualities as a performer, scholar, and human being… Cosley is also a very talented and accomplished composer and improviser.”

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