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Greetings and welcome to wayoftheguitar.com, a comprehensive training system for fretboard harmony, aural skills, and improvisation.

My name is Dan Cosley. I'm a guitarist and composer, and founder of the site. I've created Way Of The Guitar to help all guitarists study the essential elements of musicianship, comprehensively & efficiently.

As you know, the Internet is just bursting with information, but what is lacking is a system, that helps us efficiently train and master the fundamental building blocks that are common to all musical genres.

Way Of The Guitar meets this need with six in-depth video courses. The courses combine to form an integrated system, a 36-day training cycle.

The 36-day training cycle includes Scale & Interval Patterns, Triads, Pentatonics & Hexatonics, 7th Chord Arpeggios, 7th Chord Inversions, and Modes, in all 36 Major, Melodic Minor, & Harmonic Minor keys.

Hundreds of highly organized videos and PDF scores will train your hands, ears, and mind to recognize and execute these universal components of musical language. 

You'll also learn many concepts that will help you develop as an improviser.

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Also, please take a look at the site tour video (below), which shows the content and features of the site in greater detail.

I look forward to personally engaging with you via the forums and private video lessons as you progress along "The Way".

- Dan Cosley, founder

Instructor & Site Founder

Dan Cosley

Site creator, Dan Cosley M.M., is an internationally-distinguished musician who has won high praise for his virtuosic performances, eclectic compositions, & innovative arrangements. Dan has single-handedly built wayoftheguitar.com to share his knowledge of, and passion for, harmony & musicianship on the guitar. Explore Dan's compositions & recordings at www.dancosley.com