Course Description:

This extensive video course explores the four triad types (Augmented, Major, Minor, & Diminished) on the four adjacent string sets (321, 432, 543, 654), and also includes voice-leading exercises through the Cycle of Fourths in Major, Melodic Minor, & Harmonic Minor. 

Guided improvisations using two-string permutations, & patterns that examine the entire fret-board, are also included.

Though this course includes music theory, its primary focus is on the practicalities of recognizing, memorizing, & applying triadic harmony, in all keys & positions, on the guitar.

Ear-training & improvisation are strongly emphasized.

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Course Objectives:

Triads are one of the most productive investments of your practice time, regardless of style, genre, or level.

Expanding into harmonized scales & chord cycles will provide a strong foundation for mastery of the harmonic progressions found in any genre.

Your reading, aural skills, and technique will continually improve if you integrate triad inversions & harmonized scales through chord cycles into your daily practice; the course closes with a detailed six-week practice plan to show you how. 

What's included?

  • Video Lessons

    4K videos with multiple camera angles. Speed controls for convenient practicing, checking fingering solutions, etc.

  • PDF Notation & TAB

    Hundreds of pages of PDFs with standard notation & TAB, text explanations, & fret-board diagrams.

  • Interactive Forums

    Discussion forums are included for each course chapter. Dan will personally reply and clarify any point in question

Complete Course Curriculum

    1. C Major Triad Forms: 321

    2. C Major Triad Forms: 432

    3. C Major Triad Forms: 543

    4. C Major Triad Forms: 654

    5. C Major Triad Forms: Entire Neck

    6. Discussion: Major Triad Forms

    1. C Minor Triad Forms: 321

    2. C Minor Triad Forms: 432

    3. C Minor Triad Forms: 543

    4. C Minor Triad Forms: 654

    5. C Minor Triad: Entire Neck

    6. Discussion: Minor Triad Forms

    1. C Diminished Triad Forms: 321

    2. C Diminished Triad Forms: 432

    3. C Diminished Triad Forms: 543

    4. C Diminished Triad Forms: 654

    5. C Diminished Triad: Entire Neck

    6. Discussion: Diminished Triad Forms

    1. Introduction to Harmonized Scale Theory & Voice-Leading & String Set 321:

    2. String Set 432:

    3. String Set 543:

    4. String Set 654:

    5. Harmonized Scales & Voice-Leading Through the Cycle: Major Triads, All String Sets

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